Solution: Business Continuity

The EmailCloud.IN email service includes an optional Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery feature.
These features and pre-requisites are explained below in details.

Business Continuity

The EmailCloud.IN service allows organizations to enable Business Continuity in the event of Power Outages, Data Loss or other common network issues. The Email Mirror feature maintains a clone of all inbound, outbound and internal email messages that are transmitted through the email service.

  • One can recover lost, deleted messages or even entire user account data store.
  • Common user initiated problems e.g. deleted emails are no longer a show stopper.
  • Users email conversations can also be monitored for quality control and evaluation purpose.

Disaster Recovery

The EmailCloud.IN service includes Disaster Recovery which requires an optional Warehousing (Intranet) Server that is installed on location at your office premises. This Intranet Server will function primarily as a Disaster Recovery device and will maintain a local cache of the Domain email messages.

  • Enables instant Disaster Recovery.
  • Replicated offsite ensures geographic redundancy.
  • Local email cache is user accessible even during Internet outages.

Business Benefits

Listed below are some of the business benefits of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

  • Small and medium sized businesses can address their business continuity, data retention, corporate governance and regulatory compliance demands.
  • Archiving policies can be easily implemented at the server level without depending on in-house technical support intervention.
  • Seamless integration into your current business workflow. Just signup for an account, migrate users and get immediate results.
  • Optional inhouse warehousing server to maintain a local cache for disaster recovery and maintain business continuity.
  • Optional import of legacy (old) emails into the current mail store (needs inhouse warehouse server).